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Parks Mekarsari Tourism In Central Park Fruit

Bogor is still one of the favorite tourist destinations for the people of Jakarta because of its location close and easy to reach. In addition, Bogor also offers many sights worth visiting, one of which is Mekarsari located at Jalan Cileungsi - 3 KM Jonggol, Bogor.

Mekarsari is a fruit garden was initiated by Mrs. Tien Soeharto, That was built in 1990 and officially opened in 1995. Initially, this concept Mekarsari park as a place for plant conservation, but the concept is then added into the conservation area, reforestation, education, and recreation.

As a tourist area covering 264 hectares, Mekarsari has 1,470 varieties of fruit trees and 100,000 trees, including spice plants, medicinal plants, food crops, ornamental plants, vegetable crops, industrial crops, and cover crops. Here there is also a laboratory for cross several varieties of plants that produce Barbados cherry, guava irung Petruk, rose apple clove, pineapple Arnis, guava klow toon water, as well as cross fruit jackfruit called pedakka, cempeka, and nangkadak. Moreover, in Mekarsari Park, you can also find rare plants such as carrion flowers, sapodilla kecik, persimmon, as well as tropical plants such as bark, jackfruit, oranges, rambutan, starfruit, melons, and much more.


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Besides being a place of conservation, Mekarsari also be used as a breeding seeds, breeding (breeding), as well as the place of cultivation (agronomy) which will be disseminated to farmers and the general public. If you want to buy seeds, you can buy at the Garden Center, which is where the sale of seedlings of various fruit crops in the region Mekarsari Park.
On August 5, 2013, the area Mekarsari closed for renovations, then reopened on February 15, 2014 with the addition of water and outbound travel.

Mekarsari have a lot of games of water, of which there are fishing, water bikes, banana boat, aqua bike, geese water, canoes, and dragon boat. Water attractions in Mekarsari also provides facilities covering an area of ​​5.2 acres Water Kingdom which can accommodate 15,000 visitors and is the largest water games park in Asia.

The Water Kingdom Mekarsari, there is a Lazy River, the longest current pool in Indonesia with a length of 600 meters. In addition, there is also a slide Boomerang has a tower height of 16 meters and 118 meters long surfboard.

Water attractions in Mekarsari not only in the Water Kingdom, because this park also has a lake Cipicung which covers about 20 hectares. In this lake, you can enjoy the view on top of a boat and take pictures with the background of the red metal bridge that crossed over the lake.

In addition, you also get to see the sights of Bogor and area Mekarsari over 30 meters high tower located in this region.

Aside from being a tourist spot, Mekarsari also provide outbound activities for companies and individuals. The rides are provided for outbound activities, among others, there are flying fox, spider web, tree house, paintball, and others.

Ticket Price

To be able to enter the sites Mekarsari, you will be charged a rate of Rp. 25,000 rupiah for adults and children, both during weekdays and weekends. Interestingly, here using Top Up system, which is charging the balance to be able to use the vehicle so that you do not need to queue to buy a ticket if you want to climb a vehicle. Admission of Rp. 25,000 Rupiah Rp. 15,000 Rupiah contains the admission for the region, Rp. 10,000 Rupiah for RFID bracelet, bangle is used to balance charging. If you go home, you can bring home this RFID bracelet and exchange it back, then you will get the remaining balance in the bracelet.

The tariff for motor vehicles was Rp. 5,000 rupiah to the wheel 2, Rp. 15,000 Rupiah to wheel 4, and Rp. 35,000 rupiah for the bus. Rides in Mekarsari charged different rates, with a price range between Rp. 10,000 rupiah to Rp. 55,000 rupiah.

Towards transportation Mekarsari

If you use public transport, you can select some of the options below:

1.) From the UKI (Universitas Kristen Indonesia) using the bus majors Cileungsi, followed by public transportation Cileungsi - Jonggol. You can get off at the next location.

2.) From Kampung Rambutan, you can climb the city transportation department Kowanbisata Bogor - Jonggol and down right in front of the gate Mekarsari.

3.) From the city of Bekasi, using the bus Kowanbisata majors Bekasi - Jonggol, then you will be able to get down in front of the tourist attractions Mekarsari.

If you wish to use private transportation, you can follow the exit toll lanes jagorawi at Toll Gate Cibubur then headed Cileungsi track. You will arrive at Mekarsari within a period of about 20 to 30 minutes since the exit of the motorway.