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Mount Rinjani, Tourism In Lombok

Mount Rinjani, located in Lombok north would have been familiar to the citizens of Indonesia. Mount Rinjani which has a height of more than 3,700 meters above sea level is the second highest volcano in Indonesia and is a prime tourist spot on the island of Lombok.

Mount Rinjani has the most beautiful natural scenery when compared with other mountain in Indonesia, even beauty touted as the most beautiful not only in Indonesia, but also in Asia. Because of this beautiful natural scenery of Mount Rinjani became favorite mountain climbers who usually are students, nature lovers, locals, to foreign tourists.

July and August is the time in which Mount Rinjani most visited by tourists. The aim of this mountain climbers to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani in addition to enjoying the panorama, also to get a certain satisfaction because it has managed to conquer the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

Each year, the number of climbers of Mount Rinjani more and more, and most of the climbers was a student of nature lovers who come from various regions in Indonesia. It is most like them to do is to celebrate Indonesia's independence day in the peak of Mount Rinjani in August. But keep in mind that in August is often a lot of strong winds at the top of this mountain.


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In addition to unparalleled scenery, Mount Rinjani also has other unique flora and fauna is diverse. When climbing Mount Rinjani, you will see how rich Mount Rinjani. Every 1,000 meters of ascent you will see different types of flora, for example, at an altitude of 2,000 meters you will find many mountain pine, and at an altitude of 3,000 meters you will see a lot of edelweiss flowers.

For fauna that you can meet them are more than 100 different species of birds, hedgehogs, deer, monkeys silver, long-tailed monkeys, and others. Sometimes the animals on Mount Rinjani, especially long-tailed monkeys like mischief. The monkey mischief is entered into the tent climbers and take the food that is in the tent.

Temperatures on Mount Rinjani quite cold with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and sektiar coldest temperatures can reach 10 degrees Celsius, so you need to bring sweaters and jackets to ward off the cold temperatures.

Behind the beauty of Mount Rinjani, also there is a risk that a fairly high in his ascent. Until now, the most famous mountain in Lombok has killed quite a lot, therefore you also need to be careful when doing the climb. Usually this happens because of the bad weather came suddenly, causing the climbers get lost, get lost, and in the end found lifeless.

Because the risk is fairly high, I suggest you to climb Mount Rinjani with a guide, so as not to get lost. Usually a lot of package tours of Mount Rinjani, ranging from beginner package, professional package, up to a package that is only half-way only. By following the program, you will be safe from the danger of getting lost, in addition, usually the tour packages also provide services of porters and also lends equipment such as tents, cooking utensils, etc. so that you only need to come up with personal belongings and set out to enjoy the charm of Mount Rinjani.

Usually to be able to reach the summit, climbers will take 2 nights for professional climbers, and 3 nights for beginner climbers. Therefore you must be prepared to carry sufficient supplies and equipment sufficient to conquer this challenge.

If you are someone who has a respiratory illness, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or other dangerous diseases, then you are not advised to climb Mount Rinjani.

To enjoy one of the tourist attractions in Lombok's most popular, is not actually necessary tools assortment. Needed to answer the challenge of Mount Rinjani is patience, passion and stamina.