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Tourism Parangtritis Beach In Yogyakarta

Beautiful and magical are two words that adequately describe Parangtritis located on the coast of the island of Java. Besides well-known for its natural beauty, beaches become one of the mainstay tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is also known for its spiritual aroma is thick.

Parangtritis matched visit on its own, beloved couple, or family. Waves that sweep gently sloping stretch of black sand beach with a typical wind gusts will make you linger to enjoy this scenery. In addition, the sunset views are also no less beautiful Kuta Beach in Bali.

One more interesting than Parangtritis are the dunes or dune sand around the beach. This dune is referred to as the only desert in Southeast Asia. Being here, you will find it was in Africa because of the vast sea of ​​sand and the air is several degrees warmer than the surrounding area.

Parangtritis referred to as one symbol of strength trine along Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta and Yogyakarta Sultanate. Parangtritis have a water element, Mount Merapi has the element of fire, and the royal palace act as a counterweight both. If a straight line, three rows in the same line from north to south.

Not surprisingly, this beach has an important role to Yogyakarta. Not to mention the belief that says that Parangtritis is the gateway to the South Seas Royal Palace led by Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. That said, the queen is like the color green, therefore beachgoers are advised not to wear green or something bad will happen. Belief, you should avoid green when visiting these attractions.


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History Parangtritis

This beach was originally discovered Dipokusumo, a fugitive kingdom of Majapahit. Dipokusumo solitude and doing meditation around this beach. From where semedinya, he saw water dripping or called Tumaritis of rock crevice called a machete. If these two words put together, they form the word Parangtritis which means the water that drips from the rock crevice.

What can be done in Parangtritis?

Until now, Parangtritis seemed never run out of charm. These sights are always visited by tourists from different regions and even countries. What can you do here? Here's the summary:

- Roving beach
Parangtritis has a vast expanse of sand compared to several popular beaches in Indonesia. If you want to get around the beach, you can walk while enjoying the breeze and the waves at your feet. If not want to fatigue walk, you can try to get around the way on horseback. Course will give you the experience is quite different.

When not dare to ride a horse, you can ride the buggy or carriage horse ready around the coast. Hansom cab ride feels normal? Then try renting an ATV, a type of motorcycle with four wheels that you can use to get around the coast to the "desert".

- Hunting and enjoy roasted corn at sunset
No one doubts the scenic beauty of the sunset in Parangtritis. This beach will be crowded by the time dusk approached. Many travelers have set each camera to get the best picture at sunset.

If you would not want to take a picture, you can sit while enjoying grilled corn and coconut ice is being sold on this beach. To be sure, Parangtritis will always be able to enjoy its beauty in any way.

- Hunting souvenirs
In addition to available gift shop, there are many traders who peddle handicrafts around the beach in this Jogja. By buying a souvenir that they offer, you also help the economy of people around at the same time get a souvenir pretty to be distributed to friends later.

- Playing kites
Wind great beach plus vast expanse of sand and ramps suited to flying kites. Parangtritis become one of the favorite locations for kite-flying. Not infrequently, these places are also used as the host for the festival kite regional and national levels.

What's more interesting than Parangtritis?

- As the entrance to the Royal Palace of the South Sea
It is already familiar to the public that Parangtritis believed to be the entrance gate of the unseen kingdom in the southern ocean. The beach is also used as the location of various rituals either by the palace and surrounding residents.

One common ritual is Labuhan. In this ritual, the caretaker of the beach and the messenger of the palace will melarung offerings to sea in the hope to get blessings, safety, and peace.

Labuhan usually done on the day of the coronation of the sultan was also the anniversary of the coronation of every one and eight year. In addition, this ritual is also commonly done when the sultan will hold a celebration such as when going to marry her.

- Sandbanks
Sandbanks is a unique natural phenomenon where the desert is formed in an area that has a high rainfall such as Jogja. Besides used as a tourist, sandbanks is also used as a laboratory by researchers from inside and outside the country.

According to the research, sandbanks formed from the Mount Merapi volcanic materials carried by rivers to the sea. This material is then carried over to the mainland and subsequent waves carried by the wind to form a desert with a typical pattern of ridges. The process of sand dune was hardly short, it takes thousands of years to wind bring tons of sand and form a unique pattern like a desert in Africa.

Sandbanks often used as a shooting location both for personal purposes such as prawedding photos or filming for commercial purposes such as advertising, video clips and movies.

Hot Water Bath Parawedang
Still in the area of ​​Parangtritis, there is a hot spring called Parawedang. This place is unique because although the water that comes out of these springs was hot, but the results of research, no sulfur or sulfur in it. Soak in the bath tub is believed to treat various skin diseases.

Ticket Price

The price of admission to the beach Paarangtritis very affordable, the following is a list of the rates applicable in Parangtritis.

  • Admission Rp.3.000, - /person
  • Rates entry motors Rp.1.000,-
  • Car admission fee 5,000,-
  • Motorcycle parking rates Rp. 2.000,-
  • Car parking rates Rp. 5000,-
  • Rental rates carriage Rp. 20.000,- /first time round

Location and transport

Parangtritis located at KM 28 Jalan Parangtritis, Yogyakarta, about 30 km from the city center. For transportation to Parangtritis, you can use a private car or public transport.

If using a private vehicle, you can take the route of Yogyakarta - Kretek - Parangtritis or Yogyakarta - Imogiri - Siluk - Parangtritis.

For public transportation, you can use the buses departing from the Bus Terminal, Yogyakarta. The bus has a service department Yogyakarta - Parangtritis and you can get off at Parangtritis.