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Losari Beach Tourism In Makassar

Losari Beach certainly is not foreign, especially for residents of Makassar and the surrounding areas. The beach is located to the west of the city of Makassar has become an icon of Makassar and is one of the tourist attractions in Makassar most popular.

Famous Losari beach with the sun sinking was once dubbed the beach with tables and stalls longest in the world. Why dubbed the beach with tables and stalls longest in the world? Along the coast there were once the stalls tent that connect to each other along approximately 1 KM. In addition to offering a variety of seafood at night, are also stalls selling a wide variety of typical food of Makassar, the most famous is bananas Epe. Epe bananas are bananas being burned, then flattened and given sugar water red, very delicious when eaten while still warm. Currently, the stalls have been moved, no longer along Losari but being around Losari, precisely in front of the house Mayor of Makassar.

Losari Beach most visited by young-mudi who gathered at 3 pm to 9 pm. Usually they gathered cluster of pending and enjoy the beauty of the sunset Losari, then continues to stall seafood is tasty and cheap. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the beach, visitors can also enjoy Internet facility along Losari. This is one of the uniqueness of Losari Beach, a beach that has free Internet hotspots.


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Losari Beach is also often used as a place to exercise. Lots of people who come to Losari to go jogging because the air is cool and gentle breeze. Losari Beach is the natural attractions that are rarely found in other cities, because rarely have the natural attractions in the city center like in Losari Beach.

Losari Beach does not have sand like on other beaches, so you can not play the sand on this beach. In addition, you also should not swim here because the water is very deep so dangerous for outdoor activities. Instead, on the beach there are water games such as boat rides, water bicycles, and banana boats. Although it does not have sand, along the beach is made of concrete dike to hold back the waves, in this concrete embankment usually a lot of people who fish.

In coastal areas there are also a unique and interesting mosques. The mosque, which has two towers and two domes is unique because it is a floating mosque. The mosque named Masjid Commander of the Faithful that can accommodate about 400 worshipers this dipancang above sea Losari.

Located at Jalan Comforter, a lot of accommodation and facilities in the vicinity of this beach so you can choose accommodation that fits you. Because it is located in the city center, Losari very easy to be reached by using public transport. In addition, to enter the tourist area is no fee at all.