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Umang Island Tourism In Banten

Banten Province, which is adjacent to the capital, Jakarta, save a lot of interesting natural tourism potential, namely the beautiful beaches. Carita beach and Tanjung Dimples are two examples of famous natural attractions of the province of Banten. In addition to Carita Beach and Tanjung Lesung Beach, Banten also have other natural attractions that are not less interesting, namely Umang Island.

Pull The Power and Beauty Umang Island

Umang Island has a very beautiful natural scenery with white sand and clear blue sea water. The waves were relatively small so it is safe and convenient for travel with family.

In addition, coral reefs around Umang Island beautiful and still very natural. You can enjoy the natural beauty and fascinating underwater preserve it with underwater cameras.

The beauty of the setting sun is another attraction on this island. You can menimatinya of the gazebo are widely available around the beach.


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You can do a lot of activities in Umang Island. If you have a hobby of fishing, you can do it because there are various types of fish around Umang Island. Swimming and playing with the waves on the beach are other activities you can do. You can also do activities such as climbing adrenalin jetski or banana boat. If you feel tired, you can sit on the white sand while enjoying the beautiful sunset at Umang Island.

In addition to the activities on the beach, you can walk around the 5-hectare island. You can enjoy the beauty and natural scenery and see the variety of flora and fauna found in Umang Island.


Umang Island has adequate facilities. If you want to spend the night in Umang Island, there is some form of resort inn and cottages overlooking the sea. The resorts on Umang Island equipped with complete and modern facilities like satellite TV, beach club, drugstore, lounge and spa. You can also camp on the island because there is a camping ground which is quite wide and safe.

If you are traveling with your family, there is also a children's playground where you can play and have fun with your child. In addition, there is also a kids pool, the pool is reserved for children.

If you want to bring home souvenirs for friends or relatives at home, there are some typical souvenir shops Umang Island. The souvenir shops selling various souvenirs such as ornaments made of shells, all kinds of key chains, and T-shirts bearing the Umang Island.

Location and Travel

Umang Island is located in the District wells, Pandeglang, Banten. The location is approximately 183 kilometers from the capital Jakarta and can be taken approximately 6 hours drive from Jakarta.

If you want to travel to Umang Island, the journey begins with a bus from the terminal Kalideres. From the terminal you choose Kalideres bus heading to Labuan with paying the cost of Rp.25.000 Rupiah. The journey from Kalideres terminal - Labuan will take approximately 4 hours. From Labuan, you can continue the journey by bus to pay for Rp.15.000 Rupiah toward wells that takes approximately 2 hours.

The road from Labuan towards Coventry condition is quite good. Entering Coventry Cibaliung leading up to the Well, the road began winding and up and down. You will also pass Ujung Kulon National Park in the form of the forest and still look natural.

Approximately 1 kilometer from the beach Well, you have to buy a ticket for 100,000 rupiah for crossings to Umang Island by boat. Traveling by boat to Umang Island only takes 5 minutes.