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Papuma Beach, Most Beautiful Beaches in East Java

Jember is a city located in East Java. When compared with the city of Malang and Surabaya, indeed Jember less well known. But who would have thought if in this small town there are many exotic beach that you should visit.

One of the famous beach recently in Jember is Papuma Beach. Papuma beach is also known as White Beach Malikan. Until now Papuma Beach is often used as a favorite tourist destination for a vacation.

Beauty Papuma Beach

Before you enter Papuma Beach area, you will be treated to views of the teak forest which is the entrance to this beach. The name of the forest is a forest Maliki still has a wealth of flora and fauna typical of Indonesia. You do not have to be afraid to walk in the forest, because the manager has menyedikan special way for tourists who will go Papuma Beach.

In the wider community, also known Papuma Beach as Tanjung Papuma Beach because its land position that resembles a promontory jutting into the sea. Papuma beach has a very beautiful view, a combination of white sand and rocks were spread on the waterfront.


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The hallmark of Papuma Beach are seven large towering rock at the beach. Their large size makes these corals resemble an island. Seventh reef also has the names of each of Pulau Guru, Krishna Island, Island Narada, Kajang Island and the island of Nusa Barong. And one more reef resembles a frog, so named Frog Island.

The current wave began to recede you can feel the sensation of standing on the rocks and feel the wind that touches the face. But remember, you must remain cautious because of the rock has a shape that is rough and steep, so that you could get hurt if they are not careful. At the time of low tide you can see the agility chasing fish under the reef.

Tourist attractions this is a suitable location visited by the photographer. The photographer can capture images landscape of towering cliffs solid. Or it could be as a photo location prewedding because here many interesting spots.

The sea water at the beach is fairly quiet, so many fishermen are docked on the beach and off the boat at around 11:00 am until 13:00 noon. Besides anchored to rest, the fishermen usually also bring the fish they can buy and burned directly on the beach along with friends. But if you do not want to bother to bring the fish in the stalls are there to be cooked.

Myth in Papuma Beach

Behind the beauty, it turns Papuma Beach store mythical story which is still believed by the public. Some mystical stories circulating among the community are:

  • Waves on the south coast is often claimed. As the beach is included in the series of the south coast, beach Papuma has a roll of big waves and fierce so many tourists who drift waves swallowed.
  • Malikan stone, one of the giant rock on the coast is believed to be the place Raden Mursada fishing. On top of that rock Raden accidentally Mursada fishing magic, King Mina, which then release. The stone is also Ricardo Ocean hook snagged a giant snake which then split into three parts.


The journey from the town of Jember to Papuma Beach could take a long time, so it is advisable for you to stay overnight here. The management has provided some of the inn and cottages at affordable price, which is about Rp.150.000 to Rp.450.000.

There is also room hotel with a fairly complete facilities such as rooms with private bathroom and TV. Prices are set between Rp.70.000 to Rp.100.000 per person. If you want to get a room with air-conditioning facilities, the fee charged is Rp.120.000 upwards.

Other facilities provided by the manager is musola, bathroom, as well as food stalls that will provide a diverse menu of seafood for you.

Price of Admission

The price of admission to the Papuma Beach is very cheap and can be affordable for all. The admission price Papuma Beach has been established in accordance with the Decree Administrator Perhutani KPH Jember ie on weekdays at Rp.5.000 and Rp.7.000 in holidays.

While the vehicles entering the beach area charged Rp.2.000 for motorcycles, Rp.4.000 for cars and Rp.6.000 for vehicles with more than four wheels number.

Location And Access

Papuma beach located in the village Lojejer Wuluhan District of Jember. The distance to the city center Jember about 45 km.

To be able to access the beach, you should first arrive in the city of Surabaya. For those of you who are outside of East Java can utilize the services of the airline or also by train. If you go abuzz with friends, it is advisable to rent a car from Surabaya because Papuma Beach is inaccessible by public transport. Your car rental also must have excellent performance due to the terrain toward the beach is quite steep, not advisable to use a sedan.

From Surabaya, take the direction of the town of Sidoarjo, then follow directions towards the town of Pasuruan. Of Pasuruan, Probolinggo route to take - Lumajang - Jember.

Arriving in the town of Jember, take the north route to Jl. Kartini - Jl. Gatot Subroto - Jl. General Ahmad Yani - Jl. National III - turn left to Jl Otto Iskandar Dinata - Jl. Semeru - Jl. Argopuro - Jl. Kawi - Jl. Jember Ambulu - Jl. Corporal Suetomo - Jl. Suyitman Raya - Jl Ambulu - Watulo. Next, follow the instructions so you can get Papuma Beach.