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Klayar Beach Tourism

Klayar Beach is a beach located in Pacitan, East Java. The new Klayar coast became famous in recent years because exposure on the internet. Pacitan is the birthplace of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Klayar beaches are still rarely known to the wider community offers a beautiful environment because it has not been disturbed by man. Even where this has not been received special attention from the government for the development of tourist attractions, so that the natural conditions of this pristine beach.

Klayar Beach offers unparalleled natural charm with a combination of soft white sand, crystal clear waves, giant coral beautiful, natural fountains, rock holes, waterfalls, and flute sea. Because the natural charm that is second to none, many people who say that the beach is better than the Beach Parangtritis which is the most popular beach in Yogyakarta.

Because not yet widely known, Turkish Klayar relatively empty. If you come on a weekday, chances are you'll see more fishermen than tourists. The beach is just crowded crowded tourists during the holiday season or weekends only, most crowded during the summer holiday.


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In addition to walking the beach, you can also climb the hill on the west side beach Klayar, and then enjoy the panoramic beauty of the vast ocean, and panorama around Klayar Beach. On the east side, you can find a natural fountain which came from a hole in the rock strong southern ocean waves crashing. This natural fountain can reach a height of over 10 meters, depending on the strength of waves crashing rocks. In addition, this fountain also issued a unique sound that is similar to the so-called whistle flute sea. The local community also believed that water released rock can make us younger.

In my opinion, this Klayar beach less suitable for swimming because the waves are big, but the beach is very suitable to enjoy the atmosphere and the landscape. For those of you who like to take pictures, this beach is perfect for you because there are many beautiful spots to be photographed. To get a good photograph is not difficult because the beach is relatively quiet. Surf lovers will also love this beach because the waves are big.

Location And Access Klayer Beach

Klayer beach located in Pacitan, East Java and adjacent to Wonogiri, Central Java. Precisely located in the village of Kalak, sub Doonorojo, Pacitan. The distance is about 40 km to the west of the town of Pacitan.

To reach the beach Klayar, you must use a personal vehicle or rental because there is currently no public transport that pass regularly. Keep in mind that the road to the beach Klayar many narrow, hollow, and in less good condition, you should be careful when traveling in order to arrive safely. In addition you will also pass road up and down and twisting on the edge of the cliff, it is advisable to not accelerate the vehicle quickly because it is dangerous. Large buses also certainly not be able to pass through sharp corners here.

Mileage from Yogyakarta is about 110 km and will take about 3 hours route of Yogyakarta-Wonosari-Wonogiri- Pacitan, while the distance from the town of Pacitan is sektiar 40 KM, or approximately 1 hour drive.

Geographically, most of Pacitan area is limestone mountains, making it less suitable for growing rice. Therefore, if you do not see the rice along the road to Klayar Beach, you do not need to wonder. Usually people prefer to plant cassava Pacitan because of this condition.