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Enjoying Sunset On Gazebo Drini Beach

Not wrong to say Yogyakarta Special Region is a place that always make the tourists want to go back there. Because, as the area is rich in culture, Yogyakarta also has many beautiful beaches are hidden.

Gunungkidul, is one of the locations that holds many hidden beaches exotic. Until now Gunungkidul is a favorite tourist location for those who want to spend a vacation at the beach with the closest relatives. One of the attractive beaches is contained in Gunungkidul Drini Beach.

Privileged Drini Beach

Drini Beach is one of the privileged beaches among the beaches in Gunung Kidul because this beach has a small island in the middle of the beach. The existence of this island Drini Beach divides into two parts, the eastern side of the beach is quieter and the west side of the beach is more ferocious. This makes Drini Beach as multiple personality.

On the east side of the beach there is a line of cliffs that stood firm like a fortress facing the waves combined with the beauty of the coral islands that form them as naturally beautiful lagoon. Pharmaceutics towering rock made the waters on the east side is lighter making it possible for you to swim and bathe in the warm salty sea.

While on the west side you can see the line of the back of the sail boat looking for fish. These boats are the boats of the fishermen who had sailed overnight mencai fish in the sea. On the west side of these waves are much larger and become pathways for the fishermen to go to sea. During the day, you can enjoy the view of the fishermen who were casting nets into the sea.

Well, in the middle of the beach which is the path to Drini island of black sand are a collection of very fine diameter combined with its white sand beaches. According to some studies, the black sand is sand of an underground river that empties into the Drini Beach.

The island is overgrown by Santigi (Pemphis acidula), the local community used to call this plant Drini. As a result of this beach is named Drini Beach. When the water began to recede beach you can walk down the beach toward the island and then up the stairs to get on the cliffs of the island. From the height of the cliff you can see the view of the whole of this coast. But unfortunately, when this plant is rarely longer met Drini there.


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What To Do

You can walk down the eastern side of the beach to see the marine aquarium with a diverse collection of marine life beautiful. Some species of fish you can find here is the Sand Goby, Jambrong, and Sergeant Major chasing each other, and hide on the sidelines of the coral reefs.

Because the waves are relatively calm, on the east side of the beach, you can enjoy the warm sea water bath or swim with beloved friends and relatives. Definitely an exciting swim in the sea while manatap big blue sky.

For those of you who do not want to swim, can enjoy the waves and the blue sky and take shelter in a gazebo that has been provided by the manager. Sitting under the gazebo while enjoying the blue sky and coconut ice drink is refreshing ways difficult to obtain elsewhere. To be able to use the gazebo, you only have to pay a rental fee of Rp.10.000 .

One of the amazing scenery that unfortunately passed from Drini Beach is a sunrise, or a sunrise. The Drini Beach even which particular substation is provided for tourists who want to enjoy the sunrise. To see the rare sight, you are advised to stay overnight. There are several lodging options that you can use to place overnight.

When the stomach is starting to feel hungry, you can buy food in the stalls were standing at the edge of this beach. The food provided is usually in the form of various processed seafood at affordable prices for all. There is also a special place for those who want to process their own seafood.

Because the beach is relatively unspoiled, it is better if you go keep it clean by not littering. Even better if you bring your own special plastic bag to dispose of waste.

Location And Access

Drini beach located in the village Banjarejo, District Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Drini Beach exact location on the east side Baron Beach. If from the city center, the distance that you need to take to get to the Drini Beach is approximately 60 km to the long travel time 2 to 3 hours.

For those of you who are outside Yogyakarta, you can travel using the air promos airline tickets pernerbangan. Or you can also use a landline by train.

From the city center, you can take the route of Yogyakarta - Wonosari. Arriving in Wonosari take the path towards Mulo. Then from the junction Mulo you enough straight road toward Baron Beach. Approximately 1 km before Baron will be the junction. Take the left lane heading towards the Drini Beach.

Suggested for you if from out of town, you should rent a car or hire a bike because there is no public transportation that reaches the beach Drini. That there is only a bus from the Department of Yogyakarta - Wonosari. Dengen rent a car or motorcycle you can also make the trip that much more comfortable.