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Tourism Pandawa Beach In Bali

Pandawa beach is a perfect place for you who does not like crowds during the holidays. Tourist attractions in Bali this is still relatively new and not as busy as Kuta Beach, Legian Beach and Seminyak Beach.

This tourist spot formerly known by the name Secret Beach because of its location behind the high limestone cliffs, so not many people are aware of its existence. Now, local governments have opened entry to make its way along the 1.5 km splitting limestone cliffs.

Place name is derived from their tour five Pandawa statues, a legend in Hinduism, which overlooks the beach. The limestone cliffs are made holes to put the five Pandawa sculpture, which consists of Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna and the twins Nakula - Sadewa.

Tourist attractions are also referred to Kutuh Beach has a beauty that is not less than the other beaches in Bali. White sand and turquoise waters make anyone comfortable to linger to enjoy it by sitting in a reclining chair in a row of this beach.

If known Kuta Beach sunset views, the beach facing east have a view of the sunrise that can be relied upon. Not infrequently, from here you can see tourists who do paragliding from Mount Timbis, flew past the top of the beach.

Each year, the Pandawa Beach Malesti used as the location for the ceremony which is a commemoration ceremony in the series of Nyepi. Malesti ceremony aims to cleanse themselves of all the mistakes and the bad things in the past. Additionally, in the coastal areas also include seaweed farming activities carried out by local fishermen.


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What Can Be Done In Pandawa Beach?

Here are some interesting things you can do in Pandawa Beach:

- Hunting Photo
The beauty of the beach Pandawa make anyone want to preserve it in a picture frame. White sand and blue water into the contrast and beautiful scenery. If you want to take a photo with a different angle, try to climb to the top of the cliff and shoot the best pictures of these sights.

Because of its beauty, beach Pandawa also often used as a location for photo and image capture prawedding for commercial purposes such as advertising and films.

- Sunbathing and Massaged
The beach is available recliner equipped with umbrellas that you can rent for sunbathing. Prepare the reading material, the quiet atmosphere of the beach is perfect if enjoyed while reading your favorite book. While sunbathing and reading, you can also call a masseur who traveled around the coast.

- Surfing
If not enjoying the beauty of this beach of white sand, you can sail into the open sea. There are paddle boats for rent at a price of Rp.15.000 for you to use along the crystal clear sea water here. Do not forget to hire clothes pelampungnya also at a price of Rp.10.000 for the sake of your safety and security.

- Learning Seaweed Farming
By late afternoon, many fishermen who come to pick up the seaweed that washed away by the waves because. In coastal areas there is indeed seaweed cultivation by local fishermen. Besides taking dead seaweed and away by the waves onto the shore, the fishermen have also planted seaweed to preserve nature in Pandawa Beach.

If at Kuta Beach you can participate in the activities of the release of hatchlings into the sea, here you can participate in an effort to seaweed cultivation along the fishermen. Despite being on vacation, but efforts are still required to keep the environment certainly do.

- Culinary Tours And Souvenir Hunting
Although relatively new tourist spot, but the facilities at the beach Pandawa complete enough. Here, there is a row of food stalls and souvenir stalls selling typical beach.

Do not forget to taste a variety of processed sea food that can satisfy your tongue and belly. For souvenirs, you can buy it at souvenir stalls around the coast. A variety of knick-knacks and accessories can be found here, ranging from key chains of shells, sand ornate picture frame to bracelets and necklaces with carved Balinese.

Transport and Accommodation

The beach is located in the village Kutuh Pandawa, District of South Ticks, Badung. This tourist spot is about 18 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, but unfortunately there is no public transportation that passes through this location. The most practical way is to use a private car, taxi or by renting a car / motorcycle.

For accommodation, the closest lodging in Nusa Dua area which is about 3 km from this tourist spot.