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Sundak Beach Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

Sundak beach tourism is quite popular with domestic and foreign tourists. Sundak coast has also become one of the mainstays of tourism destinations District Government Gunung Kidul. Due to become a mainstay attractions local government, this beach has a quite neighborhood clean and well maintained and is still managed by local people.

History Sundak

The beach is said to have a legend or story. Previous beach is named Wedimbedah which means the sand is split. Because at the time the rainy season, water will flow from the mainland to the beach and sand splitting its path so that it becomes a small river. The name was later changed coast around 1976 to Sundak because there is a story that really happened the background for the naming, which was inspired from the animal that fights two dogs and hedgehogs.

The story begins when a dog of the locals were running around looking for food dibibir beach. Until the dog finally find a hedgehog in the cave that is formed from a large boulder not far from the coast. Furthermore, there was a fight between two animals and then the dog could win the fight and managed to prey on the hedgehog. Arjasangku the owner of the dog is surprised to see his dog out of the cave, carrying pieces of the hedgehog's body in a state drenched. Not unexpectedly turned out the dog in addition to finding a hedgehog in the cave also found the fountain. The story has spread amid a state of drought locals. From that moment on the beach Wedimbedah name is replaced with the name Sundak and tourists visiting the increasingly crowded.


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Privileged Sundak Beach

Sundak beach offer views and special atmosphere among cliffs on the east side and the west. Clean white sand stretching add to the beauty of the sights on this beach. Other privileges of this beach is the presence of small rocks scattered to about 30 m from the shoreline. Corals were surface is not rough but smooth and will feel soft on the feet because the surface of the coral covered in marine plants resemble grass.

While continuing to enjoy the beauty of this beach you can try to visit the stalls eat nearby. Most of the stalls tesebut provide food menu of grilled fish, rice and chicken noodle Rames. You usually try to visit a shop that is located at the south-facing shoreline. Menu with other food stalls at will, but if we could have been in this shop we could see the sights on the high seas.


There is a stall or shop to eat the tourists who serves fish dishes. Additionally this region provide bathroom facilities and a prayer room.
Lodging place is not yet available, but can be found on the west coast Sundak the beach Kukup, Krakal or beach Baron.

Location And Access

Sundak Beach attractions adjacent to the beach attractions Kukup, beach Krakal, Drini Beach and coastal Baron. Sundak beach Gundes Pule is located in the hamlet, village Sidoharjo, Tepus Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

If you are going to use public transport, you can look for a bus at the Bus. Furthermore, after a journey of about 1 hour, then you are in the market reached Wonosari. After the bus ride small department or Krakal Baron beach. About 40 minutes later you arrived at Sundak.