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Tanjung Lesung Beach In West Java

As an archipelago, Indonesia is fortunate because it automatically has many beaches with panoramic views. Well it has been untouched beaches or beaches that are still virgin.

Tanjung Lesung beach is one beach in West Java which is quite famous in Banten and Jakarta among citizens. Beach with white sand combined with trees growing on the beach is a beautiful panorama that you can enjoy to refresh the mind.

Origins of Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung name itself is taken from the naming of the beach location. This form of land jutting into the sea coast that resembles the tip lesung. Lesung itself is a traditional tool for pounding rice.

What To Do

Many travelers speak if spending time at the beach is like spending time at the beach Bali. Because it Tanjung Lesung conditions similar to the beaches in Bali, with a long coastline reaching 15 km. White sand on the beach is very gentle making it possible for you to perform a wide range of water activities.


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Tanjung Lesung beach has white sand and very gentle. The beach is also pristine and very clean. For those of you who want a quiet and romantic atmosphere, can walk with friends along the shoreline accompanied by a light breeze and waves.

With the waves are not too large, at this beach you can spend time with loved ones. Spread the mat, preparing lunch which you have prepared from home then frolic with family while enjoying a beautiful panoramic sea will surely add to the warmth of the family.

For those of you who bring small children, Tanjung Lesung beach is also suitable for family tourism. You can invite family members to travel in this beach. Your child would definitely love to swim and play sand on the beach while you capture the moment with a camera.

If you love the diversity of marine life, you can do diving. With the dive you can enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs, jellyfish, and also snails that swim back and forth in the water. Various types of fish are also seen chasing each other on the sidelines of the coral reefs.

Interested to know more about coral reefs? You can learn how to transplant coral reef conservation in place in the middle of the beach. Of course this will be a new experience and unforgettable for you. Besides enjoying the beauty, you also help preserve marine life there.

Does not have the courage to dive? You can do snorkeling. With snorkeling you do not have to swim, just walk on the reef by using equipment that has supplied you can enjoy a variety of marine life more closely.

You like activities that are more fun? Invite your friends or family to ride a banana boat or jet ski. For those of you who like activities that test the patience, fishing is the answer. Fishing here is worth your try because this beach is home to many fish.

Tanjung Lesung position is not directly facing the sea so the waves are not too big gelombak, wind is not too strong. This is what makes Cape Coast Dimples is the best location for fishing.

Want more relaxed? You can sit in the existing cottage by the beach while sunbathing and enjoying a cup of coffee. While sun tanning, you will be treated to a view of birds flying low trying to catch fish from the fishermen.

New experiences that you can feel in addition to visiting the coral reef conservation is visiting the island Liwungan. To achieve this island you can use a fishing boat or speedboat about 30 minutes away. Liwungan Island you can enjoy the beauty of the Sunda Strait and the towering Mount Krakatoa.

You also can walk along the fishing village that is located not far from the tourist attractions of this. The fishing village is a village Cipanon which also offers a unique outbound packets such as: cultural tourism fishing, sun rise boat trip, feeding seagulls travel, tourism coral reef conservation, and fun games in Liwungan Island.

If you visit this beach on Saturday, you can enjoy the typical dishes that are served at the various restaurants located on the waterfront. The special dish is the barbeque from a variety of delicious seafood.

Location And Access

Tanjung Lesung beach is located at the western tip of Java island, precisely in the village of Tanjung Jaya, District Panimbang, Pandeglang, Banten.

For those of you who came from Jakarta, you can reach the beach of Tanjung Lesung to take a toll route Tangerang - Merak. Then exit through the toll gate East Serang. After going through the city of Serang, continue the trip to the City of Pandeglang and Labuan to arrive in Tanjung Lesung.

The second route options for those who came from Jakarta can take a toll lane Jakarta - Merak but take exit through the toll Cilegon. Then continue your journey through the coast of Anyer to the direction of Labuan. Then your journey will end in Tanjung Lesung.

It is advisable for you to bring in a private vehicle when visiting this beach in order to have more free time. But for those who want to use public transport can take the bus to the destination terminal Labuan. On arrival at Terminal Labuan You can use taxis to get to the beach of Tanjung Lesung.